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I have now made 2 complaints to VM regarding multi room.  The first order failed as the agent put it through as a Yodel delivery and the system wouldn't accept this.  Nobody from VM told me of this till I spent an hour on the phone, it was there that another agent I spoke with told me what had happened, he put in the order again but said I still had to pay the activation fee, I told him I would complain as I had been messed about again!

I rang up again later asking about my complaint, the agent claimed that they had tried to call me 3 times and I didn't answer, this was a lie.  I am housebound and ALWAYS have my mobile with me and fully charged.  He told me that I wasn't getting anything from VM as the lady who tried to put the failed order through had commented that I had asked her about prices and said I would think about it.  If that was the case then how the hell did I know that she had tried to put the order through Yodel instead of a tech visit?  Yet another lie by VM.

I argued with this gentleman for 30 minutes, I told him that I wanted the calls listened to by senior managers as the call recordings would back up my complaint and prove that the agent was lying and had falsely commented the account.

I asked to be sent a HDMI cable as mine was playing up..4 days later I received an ethernet cable instead!

I switched my mobile over to VM to the Oomph! pack along with a number port, I gave the agent my pac code and was assured that the number port would be done the next day, this wasn't the case.  So I rang up and was waiting over 1hr to get through to an agent only to be told that the previous agent hadn't put the pac code in so the number port would never happen!

My number port is now working, but my account shows that I am not on an Oomph package, I have the email to prove that I am, yet the online account says otherwise.

In all of my years I have NEVER encountered such incompetence, lies and false documentation by any company I have given my business to.  3 months ago I just had 100mb BB, mix TV and weekend land line.  Now I have Max it TV, 200 mb BB, weekend land line, multi room and 5GB mobile SIM all with Virgin Media.  I have more than doubled the amount of money I am paying your business so I would expect a some what decent level of customer care.

All I asked for was a £35 credit as a gesture of goodwill for messing me about and increasing my anxiety levels.  I am flagged as a vulnerable customer due to my disability, I now feel that this has been exploited by Virgin Media to try and fob me off.

If I don't get a reply from someone at Virgin Media I will take this up with OFCOM.  Once they are involved then the level of compensation that I will be seeking will be considerably somewhat higher than £35.




Mr Collins 

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Re: Complaint

Hi there @Johninboro 


Thanks for your post. Really sorry for the issues that you've had so far with this delivery and the issues with the service team, I appreciate this would be a frustrating experience. 


I will be able to take a look in to the account for you - I'll private message you now to go through some security. 





Hollie - Forum Team

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