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Childrens channels

Turned on the TV this morning to find only three children's tv options, 700 701 and 702. Where have all the rest gone? My three year old granddaughter is asking for her usual programmes and I don't have an answer. Can anybody tell me what's happened  pls?

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Re: Childrens channels

Hi BigD22 

I'm sure we have had this question before:

But it's possible that the Children's Channels were part of a bungle, that only lasted a set period, before the need for you to ring and 'add' them to your current package?

Hopefully one of our Forum Steff or more informed members will be able to help you further.

Can't have your Granddaughter going without her programs, can we 🤞


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Re: Childrens channels

Hi @BigD22 

The full mix of Childrens chanels was only available to customers on thediscontinued  Full House, VIP and Ultimate Oomph packages.

Another large selection of kids channels was also available on the now discontinued Mix and Fun packages.

You can check the channels and packages in the virgin-tv-edit/tips-and-tricks/virgin-tv-channel-guide 

If you have recently changed package and the kids channels aren't included in your bundle  you can add them as a Kids Personal Pick which is £5 a month extra.<<< Personal_Picks >>> 


Otherwise VM recently had a free offering and gave all customers access to the Childrens channels free for the month of November 


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Re: Childrens channels

Hi BigD22

Thanks for your post 

Just so you know our Kids channels + Baby TV Were free to air Between 2 - 31 October 

Sadly we have removed then now and including all the On Demand content