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Channel Guide - Again

Fibre optic

So still pushing the 4 July changes on the website, when the actual TV is pushing the NEW Binge Channels starting from 220.

Can't find an announcement anywhere on Channel Guides or in the NEW PDF Channel Guide for August !!

Obviously keeping the customers informed is very low priority still.


Fibre optic

I spotted these extra channels this evening, I dont see the point of them. Who wants to binge watch Deal or no deal, or Homes under the hammer? I'm trying to remember what channels used the 200 channel range before all this rubbish turned up.

Have you seen the advertisement during commercial breaks.
IIRC it describes the various bundles in the channels, but as you imply, not why.
I couldn't even find them at first as I usually have the Favourites filter on for my EPG !!


Fibre optic

Strange.  No programme guide on the EPG.  Select and them Red Button.  Then you finally get to see what programme is on at the moment.
And when it shows, its in the wrong aspect ratio  - 4:3 for a 16:9 image.
And yes my TV is correctly set.


Hi Pdfbt40 👋 Welcome back to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear about these issues with the Channel Guide! If we can just check a couple of things so we can best offer further support with this;

1) Is the programme itself showing in the wrong aspect ratio, or just the Channel Guide?

2) Are you unable to see the listings in the channel guide for all channels or just these new ones? (If it's just select channels, please list the exact channel numbers) so we can raise it with team. 

Thank you! All the best. 🌞


1)  Only the streaming programme is in the wrong aspect ratio.
4.3  2.jpg4.3.jpg

It corrects itself for adverts and trailers of course!!!


2)  Nothing wrong with the EPG for >channel 22o


There is no programme listing, just 3 descriptions of each channel.
So how do you plan an evenings viewing.

And why no full announcement and explanation of this initiative on the VM website or the PDF Channel Guide.



Thank you for getting back to us regarding this! The screenshot pictures are particularly helpful! 

This has been raised with the team who will investigate, and we will get back in touch with any further updates as soon as we can. Please do feel free to update this thread if anything changes so we are aware. (Hopefully this will be a team back of house fixing any issue with the aspect ratio.)

Thank you for your patience in the meantime! Wishing you all the best. 🌞