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CatchUp Not Working

Hi, hoping that someone can help on here as I've not managed to get much useful assistance from VM chat support. I've got a Tivo V6 box that was working great until recently (issues maybe started a month or 2 ago), now the CatchUp feature seems to have stopped working, doesn't matter what the show is, what channel its on, whether it was a recent or old show, it'll play an advert of some sorts then when it gets to the point that the show should start it just stops on the last frame of the ad without any errors... iPlayer and other VoD apps work ok, its just the CatchUp feature, I've rebooted the box physically and through the tshoot menu, tried different ethernet cables directly into the router. I've seen a couple of other threads that had an engineer come out and run a firmware update to resolve the issue, is this something I can do myself? I had a look through menu options but couldn't find it anywhere, sys info from the Tivo:

Platform DCX960, Hardware Ver: 2048.., Software Ver: 20.10.1.RC21-VMB-11-C68


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