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Catch Up rebrands

Fibre optic

In the Catch Up section on the V6 box, VM needs to update these channel logos:

TRUE CRIME still has the CBS Reality logo
TRUE CRIME XTRA still has the CBS Drama logo
LEGEND still has the CBS Justice logo
LEGEND XTRA sill has the HorrorXtra and Horror logos


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The catch up logos have all been updaated on the 360 box.  

The tivo and V6 boxes callback every 6 hours or so, so it may be that the logos have been updated since you last checked. If not then go to Home - Help and Settings - Settings - Network - Connect to the Virgin Media service now and see if that forces the logos to be updated.

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Fibre optic

Still not updated on the V6.

Some of these logos (like CBS Drama and CBS Justice) should have been replaced 17 months ago, when they last rebranded (30 June 2022).

So amateurish.

Fibre optic

They've half fixed this now.

But it looks even more of a mess, with two logos for each channel on the screen at the same time 😂

TRUE CRIME has the TRUE CRIME logo by the programme title and the CBS Reality logo at the bottom of the screen.

TRUE CRIME XTRA has the TRUE CRIME XTRA logo by programme title and the CBS Drama logo at the bottom of the screen.

LEGEND has the LEGEND logo by the programme tile and the CBS Justice logo at the bottom of the screen.

LEGEND XTRA has the LEGEND XTRA logo by the programme title and the Horror logo at the bottom of the screen.