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Can't wait to see VM's customer figures in their next annual report.

I suspect they are on the decline.

Personally, with what I pay each month; I'd expect to at least be able to watch the TV I pay for and browse the internet too. Or at least "speak to someone"

Seems a little too much to expect "a service". 

VM have; without any shadow of a doubt; the VERY worst customer service of any supplied I have ever had to deal with.

I've made a dozen calls over the last 3 days. On hold for a MINIMUM of 40 mins each time. Got through a handful of times. Ordered replacement kit for the 10-yr-old faulty junk I have been paying hard earned money for. Kit arrives. Won't connect. 

Presumably my kit needs activation?... Tried 4 times so far today, been disconnected each time. Got through on one occasion but to the wrong "team". She put me "straight through" to activations (like hell) spent 40 mins on that line waiting and got disconnected.

As soon as I can arrange a new ISP I'm done...

Can't even login in and self-service the box activation.

Their "test the kit" page is total BS. I kept running the test against the new box (which has appeared on my account now that one of the old ones got booted off) and it said "yeah fine no problems - box is connected" etc etc...

So... I disconnected the box completely and re-ran the test. Guess what... Box was "still connected". Which just goes to show these "online tests" are nothing more than a time wasting smoke screen.

You are one of the ugliest companies out there. You say in the call automation that COVID is responsible for delays. Utter cr*p again. People have been complaining about your service for years.

You say you are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. This isn't down to covid as last time I checked I don't think it can infect copper wires... No... This is down to shoddy products and services.

There's going to be an avalanche of customers heading for the door. Money grabbing cost saving waste of space.

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Can't wait to see VM's customer figures in their next annual report.

I suspect customer numbers will have gone up as home-workers rushed to connect to VM's faster speeds.  In the bigger picture though, VM's customer service and renewal pricing are having an effect.

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