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Can I request a VM splitter and coax cable?

My current set up has my V6 box and TV on one side of my lounge and my broadband hub in a cupboard under the stairs backing on to the other side of the lounge.  The cable is split outside the house and enters in two separate locations to achieve this.

I'm now planning on moving the V6 box and TV to the wall that backs on to the under-stairs cupboard.  Rather than run an extension cable all the way around the room, can I get a splitter and short length of coax from VM and put this in the understairs cupboard so I can just run a cable through the wall to the back of the V6 box? 

I was going to just buy one and see if it worked, but on reading a couple of other posts on here, it seems others who have done this have had signal problems and have been advised to get the splitter from VM instead.

In summary, can I have one of your lovely splitters and cables please? 🙂  I think I just need the Connector cable on page 5 of this:

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Re: Can I request a VM splitter and coax cable?

you will have to get Vm to do this. it will cost £99.
You can;t modify the cable yourself that would be agsint the T&C the cabling is network side is VM property
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