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Can I choose subtitle language for Amazon Prime Video?

It is easy to turn subtitles on and off, but I cannot find how to select the language. It always (shows and) uses the first listed language which is frequently not English. I have tried pretty much all buttons in the remote.

Any ideas how to choose the language?

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Re: Can I choose subtitle language for Amazon Prime Video?

Hi @philws 

When the video is playing press the down button on the 360 directional pad. Then choose Subtitle. if there is more than one option it will be listed when you click on the dropdown. If only one language is available it will appear as Languages (1) The same applies if you press Audio & Languages.

I tested this by selecting German as the language when playing Big Bang Baby (there where 31 language options) 



When opening the prime app you can also choose Settings (top right hand corner) and select Language. Then on the drop down that opens (Language preferences) you can choose the language to use within the app. This is used throughout the interface, and also where available in audio and closed captions of movies and series.


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