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Buffering on recorded programs

Hello, I’d like some help with our 2nd v6 box. 

The ‘main’ one in the lounge in working ok, but the 2nd one is suffering with buffering on recorded programs. It happens approximately every couple of minutes. It freezes the screen and stops the sound, then restarts after a couple of seconds. I’ve tried restarting boxes and hub several times. I’ve checked outside cabling. I’ve tried lowering picture quality as low as possible (567p) does nothing. I’ve ran systems tests showing no faults in area. Scan on 2nd box shows good quality signal should be covered upto uhd quality. I’ve tried removing all other devices from WiFi to see if that helps. We’ve only had it for 2 months and twice we have lost picture for around 6 hours whilst repairs were being carried out on local box at end of road. Is this possibly linked?

The scan showed a quality level of good in the 2nd room. I can’t move it any closer to the hub & it is only 6-7 metres away maximum. Should I try a WiFi booster?

I was warned about switching to Virgin media from sky. 

Please help! 

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Re: Buffering on recorded programs

A few things aren't clear from your post, and the answers will fundamentally alter the advice.

Are you watching recordings on the same box as they're recorded on? Or are you streaming recordings between your 2 x V6? And can both boxes use OnDemand services reliably? If you're not sure - please check. Pick a programme from ITV, C4 or C5 and choose "watch from CatchUp" from the TV guide.

Each of your V6 will have 2 separate connections:

1: A co-ax cable feed carrying live TV channels

2: An internet connection, via your homehub, for OnDemand & all forms of streaming (multiroom & app-based). This connection can be wired or wireless - how are yours connected?

On any box that's connected via wireless, please follow Home > Help & Settings > Settings > Network, and post what's reported in the top-right. Especially the WiFi signal strength.

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