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Broadband speed and on demand.

I pay for  200Mbps  broadband, i have never got anywhere  close to .that,my on demand and catchup is not working.I very rarely get 50 Mbps and catchup goes down for days.I have a V6 box and super hub 3.Any ideas? 

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Re: Broadband speed and on demand.

Hi Brads,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your connection. First things first, how are you connecting to the hub? Wired or wireless? If wireless could you see what speeds are like over an ethernet connection?

I've checked your connection from this end and can see there is a contention issue in the area under ticket F005027046. This will cause slow speeds at peak times such as evenings and weekends but wouldn't explain the on demand and catch up being down. I'd suggest popping a post on the TV section for us to take a look at that.

The fault is due for review 29/11/17.

Let us know if your speeds are any better over a wired connection and if you only get the poor speeds at peak times.

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