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Box freezing and orange light


I'm having an issue with my box for 2 weeks now and it's starting to really get to my nerves.

The box freezes at least once a day, showing nothing on tv like if it was off and not receiving signals from the remote. After resetting, normally it shows an orange light (solid) and it needs to be restarted a few times until it starts working again ( past the welcome screen and not rebooting itself).  Everytime it happens, I turn the box off, disconnect the cables, wait a few minutes and put all up again.

Just as I'm writing this post, the box restarted, started showing a recorded show, restarted again, showed orange light, back to white, welcome screen, another couple of restarts and it's now frozen with a white light and now image.

I have been calling Virgin frequently but have to do it at least twice in row since they always disconnected me after sending the restarting signal. After that, I normally can't endure more than 30 minutes waiting to speak with an advisor.

Just another thing, my internet it's also not behaving the best lately and I don't if that might be affecting the box. I don't mean wifi connection, but wired connection. Netflix sometimes is very slow (direct through TV and not the V6 box) and the computer (wired connection) looses connection for a bit and then reconnects.

Can you please help me?

Thanks. 🙂

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