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Box deleting recordings, no warnings, not space issue. Just randonly deletes full recorded list and recor

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  • Hi, anyone know how to stop my v6 from randomly deleting all recordings and recording list every few months, without warning 
  • This is 3rd time this has happened. I set recordings, let episodes build up, I go in to watch and there are no recordings/list, even when there was full series days before?  Not a space issue  as  I have not even gotten passed 52% usage. No warnings, just gone. In its place is a "  you have no recordings, let's get started" screen, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Getting tad miffed, as I preset all recordings (again), then 2 months larte- nothing, except the mocking message. Any help/advice would be great. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Check the disk allocation in "My Shows" matches that of the diagnostic menu - to rule out a data corruption issue.

Home > Help & Settings > Settings > System info, and scroll through - think it's towards the bottom of the first screen.

Otherwise, are you sure these are recordings and not VoD bookmarks?

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