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BT ultimate issues

On our wavelength

I've had lots of issues in past with this channel, sound issues or nothing recording when scheduled. This weekend I've recorded both rugby semi finals on ultimate and both fail to play, showing parts of the content on part of the screen but not playing moving picture or any sound. 

I've wondered if it's a Virgin issue and would be keen to hear if any other have same issue. Live TV on ultimate seems ok just recordings always seem messed up. 

Interestingly I've just thought to check other box and one of the matches recorded and I can stream to the V6 I'm using from the recording on other box.  That match is playable so I'm now thinking I've either got a dodgy V6 or some type of cabling issue, it only seems to affect recordings 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi sorethumbs,


Sorry to hear of the TV issues relating to BT Sport recordings, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


To help diagnose if this is a service or equipment issues, can you confirm if you have more than one set top box? If so, does this happen on both boxes? Do you experience any issues with live TV on the BT Sport channels?


Please let us know and we can assist further.



Hi Rob 

I got your pm but I have made a mistake. My 2nd box (which played the match ok) actually recorded the rugby on one of the HD channels. So I'm unable to verify that this was just an issue on ultimate on one of my V6 boxes. I'm going to try and ascertain from more recordings whether this affects my connection to the house or whether it's an issue with one of the boxes. I can only do that by recording again on both. Can I get back to you?

Hi Sorethumbs 👋 thank you for getting back to us and letting us know this additional information about the recordings / your boxes. 

Please do keep us updated once you have run some additional testing so we can continue to offer support! You can also reply to Rob's PM directly so he can pick things up where you left off and continue to help - particularly if we do need to access your account to investigate further, or book a technicians appointment for you. 

Thanks for your patience whilst we get to the bottom of things and help resolve this! Wishing you all the best. 🌞