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BT Sport Ultimate Sound and Picture Fault

Super solver

I put on the Champions League on channel 531 last night and the sound was glitchy/popping.

I didn't have time to faff around seeing if it was just me so I have been trying things this morning and it is definitely just that channel. The Virgin UHD channel sound is fine and other UHD services I have are fine.

I have to have the V6 on Dolby Digital to PCM setting otherwise I get a miss match in sound and vison. When I turn that off the dolby sound is good but I get that delay I spoke of.

Anyone else got sound problems?


Accepted Solutions

Hello all,

Just to keep you updated, we've been able to replicate the issue now so the investigation has moved forward somewhat. However, we've still not found the root cause.

We have however, found a workaround. It seems to only happy on live TV so if you rewind a few seconds and watch from there, you shouldn't have an issue.

Until we can find what's causing it and fix it, this is the best option.

Many thanks,
Your Community Moderators

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Tuning in

Yes, I'm having the same problem with BT Sport Ultimate. The picture keeps stuttering. Only noticed it last night when I put the football on. Same again tonight for the Spurs match. 

Tuning in

Same here, stuttering sound and picture again tonight - unwatchable 😞

BT forums report the first 7 minutes of the match had some sound issues.

1.2Gb/100Mb in Oxford (area 31) using SH5

It's still happening now even on the rolling ads

I've got those on now on a V6 and can not hear any dropouts - but there do seem to be quite a few reports.

1.2Gb/100Mb in Oxford (area 31) using SH5

Got someone to watch the promo on 360 - and nothing odd seen (or heard) for nearly an hour now on either V6 or 360.

1.2Gb/100Mb in Oxford (area 31) using SH5

On our wavelength

I had this problem and was driving me mad. Only way I just managed to fix it was to go to V6 help & settings > settings > audio> and tick Dolby Digital not Dolby to PCM (which I did have ticked). All works fine now. May be irrelevant but that’s using V6 on a Samsung TV and Samsung soundbar. Hope this helps some people 

Yes the Dolby version seems to be ok but I have a delay in vision/sound if that is on with my tv or soundbar which I have never been able to sort so PCM for me it is

I've had the same issues so when I saw the post above about changing the audio, I did that and it seemed fine until the actual match and then it was unwatchable for me - it all looked stuttery picture and strange motion and speeds.

I'm wondering if it's because I'm watching on a 1080 plasma screen? Up until the last few days it was fine watching this channel on my telly. I know I don't have 4K facilities but the picture quality always looked better on this channel. It is now not watchable for me sadly.