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BT Sport 2 - picture break up - E11

Only channel it happens on and  has been like this for 3 days.  This is just a small section of the screen as large uploads are not allowed, but rest of screen is as bad. (And yes I have restarted the box. Twice)

Can this be fixed?




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Re: BT Sport 2 - picture break up - E11

Best call 150 as it could be just your signal needs sorting.


VIVID 600 (690/44mb) in Area 31
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Re: BT Sport 2 - picture break up - E11

I'll add my stock answer to all pixellation questions too...

Pixellated pictures on live TV are often the sign of a signal fault. If you've rebooted your box once, then there's likely a fault somewhere, so call VM and report it. You're likely to need either an engineer visit or a replacement box, depending on what VM's remote diagnostics turn up. They can do these while you're on the phone to them.

Do you have problems with any of the following other channels that you have access to?...

More-4 HD, Animal Planet HD, Sky Documentaries HD, ITV-BE-HD, Sky News HD, Sky Nature HD

First check the automated faults line for any existing issues in your area that could be the cause: 0800 5610061. If nothing's reported, assume VM don't know about your fault and you'll need to call them.

150 from a VM phone, 0345 4541111 from any other phone - choose the options for "I have a fault with my TV service"

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