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Audio dropout when using Optical


I have just purchased a new Samsung 4K TV and  amplifier (audiolab).  When I connect the Samsung One connect box via optical to my amplifier I get split second audio drop out every few seconds.  If I connect the V6 Box directly to the Amp using optical its fine with no drop out.

If I watch any other source, iplayer, netflix via the TV its fine and only happens when the using virgin TV V6 and connected via the Samsung optical port?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


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Re: Audio dropout when using Optical

I haven't got an answer but perhaps someone on a Samsung TV or Audiolab forum would know.

If the Audiolab has an HDMI port and is HDCP 2.2 compliant you can connect the TV to the amp with an HDMI cable and see if you can pull in an ARC audio feed from the TV. If that isn't an option and if you've got a stereo amp you can try the V6 audio setting of Dolby Digital to PCM, otherwise the TOSLINK between the V6 and the amp is the way to go.

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Re: Audio dropout when using Optical

My Samsung TV was returned and replaced by a Panasonic TV - as Samsung techies were unable to stop audio drop-outs via OneConnect. I had it on any DD device, not just the V6.

They spent six months trying to fix it before giving up - but six months after the set was replaced they claimed to have now fixed it.

Ensure the software is up-to-date on the tv - but I found Samsung TS are difficult to deal with.

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