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Re: Amazon Prime black screen of death

I'm getting this situation - I can see the menu of shows to watch but just a black screen whenever I try to access any show.

•    Has this service worked before and, if so, when did the issue first occur? - yes, it worked for a few days but first occurred, I think, around the start of November
•    Is your TV box connected directly to your TV? - yes
•    What type of HDMI leads are you using (standard or high speed)? - standard, but I've also tried high speed and the change of cable made zero difference.
•    Have you tried re-booting your TV box or changing the Video Resolution? - yes, tried just about everything.

Weirdly, it's working on my other V6 box, just not on the one I use for streaming stuff. So I think it's more likely hardware related than anything else, because the signal is certainly getting to the house, just not to this specific box.

Please update me when there's a resolution to this.

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