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After start up screen all i get is a black screen

I had my bedroom tv box updated last Friday to a new v6, switched it on today and following the welcome screen i get a no video text on tv before the start up logo, this stays on for a while before disappearing and leaving me with a black screen. Ive tried 2 tvs 2 hdmi cables, run the online test which just tells me to turn it on and off after 10 minutes, but nothing has changed. Having tried to contact virgin last week about the telephone issue (which resulted in me gettiing the new tv box and a hub 3 router)looking for advic3 if this is a common issue.  If a moderator is monitoring maybe I could get this changed.

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Re: After start up screen all i get is a black screen

How does the V6 pox connect to the superhub?

It sounds as if the new V6 box has failed to complete an update, which tends to make the box unusable.

If you can access the V6 menus it may be an idea to do a factory reset of the box.

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