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Advice - New TV (PanasonicTX-50GX820B)

Purchased the TX-50GX820B from Curry’s.

Quick question I hooked the television up to a Virgin V6 Box and the picture on the set looks slightly off not all that clear - if anyone has any tips on how to resolve that would be great!
I chose the detect video output on the actual V6.
Do I need to make further adjustments within the TV settings.

Here are my current Settings -

These are my settings if anyone fancies trying them. All pretty straightforward mostly..

viewing mode True Cinema
backlight I use 40
contrast 90
brightness left at 0
colour 50
sharpness 0
colour temp warm2
adaptive backlight control Mid

Any settings I haven't mentioned are all off.

In advanced settings

contrast control auto
gamma 2.2

Option settings

film cadence auto

Screen settings
Overscan off

Also picked up the HTB700 Soundbar too, connected via Arc V6 to Tv not sure on the sound setting options within V6 menus Dolby Digital or PCM?

Sorry about these questions, just want to have things set-up correctly!

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Re: Advice - New TV (PanasonicTX-50GX820B)

Don't you have a 3.1 channel soundbar? If so you'll get the best audio by connecting it directly to the V6 by HDMI, a connection via the TV could work using HDMI ARC but you'll need to check. Also, note that a DD to PCM conversion will give you stereo (as will a TOSLINK cable between the soundbar and V6).

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Re: Advice - New TV (PanasonicTX-50GX820B)

sound use Dolby always, esp with your tv/bar high spec. PCM is inferior

check settings  display  is it set to high contrast display

from specs on tv  is does  3840 x 2160p, try checking that, 

 I use dynamic settings on tv, but my specs are much lower than yours ( Jammy B****r)

hopes this may help or lead you to solution

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