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4HD recording error late at night/ early morning


I’ve never had this problem before and now had it for 2 recordings over the weekend for 4HD (channel 104) programs.

The recording is in my shows but won’t play and gives an error “The TiVo box was not able to record this program because there was no video signal on the channel. You mat have been trying to record on a channel that you don’t receive”

The first one was Saturday night Halloween at 23:35 and the 2nd program was Formula 1 Monday morning at 01:05

After I had the problem recording the film on Saturday night I succesfully recorded The Simpsons on 4HD Sunday during the day as a test. I haven’t tried it on my 2nd box yet but will set something to record for tonight on both.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

No signal overnight is probably scheduled maintenance. This usually occurs between midnight & 4am on a Saturday or Sunday, & VM do not always give prior warning if the interruption is scheduled at night.

The other probability is broadcast mux changes, which always happen overnight, although I don’t think there were any concerning CH4 recently.

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Thanks for the reply. Re the Halloween film, I was still up and watching other channels on that box when the film started broadcasting so I know the box itself and other channels were running OK. 

I did a few test recordings on 4HD and other channels overnight and all seems to be OK. Hopefully it was just a temporary thing over the weekend,


I spoke too soon! Alan Partridge from Monday night on Gold HD at 22:20 is showing the same error.

I can’t understand what is happening because other stuff recorded OK last night and early this morning.


As well as these recent errors, I have noticed quite a few recordings recently that had pixelation for a few seconds during the recording and some with a couple of these. Another recording (Ghosts Of Mars on Sunday 16th on channel 138) had a lot of wierdness - it had pixelation and appeared to stick a couple of times and I had to fast forward to get it moving again but it kept looping around the same section of the film every time so I ended up deleting that.

I’ve just checked the input cable and when I touched the bit of the cable that connects from the back of the box to the main cable, it caused the picture to flicker.


As a test I’ve just recorded 6 programs at the same time and none of them have the no video error. I’ve only watched the first part of each recording to see if any have failed, will try and find the time to see if any of them have any errors at all.


The original issue seems to have stopped happening now but I had something very strange happen on the same box yesterday.

A couple of recordings that had been set for very early Saturday morning (The IT Crowd) were still showing as recording at about 9am in My Shows. They weren't still recording though. So I used the Stop Recording And Delete menu option and then recovered them both and they both played back fine and showed the correct amount of time for the recording.

Then yesterday evening I realised that none of my recordings for the afternoon had recorded - they were still in the list of recordings to happen and I couldn't remove them from there.They hadn't recorded and nothing about them was showing in the hiccups list.

So I did a power off and back on again and they then disappeared of the upcoming recordings list and were now in the hiccups list with "Power Lost" against them, which is not true because I was watching the box all afternoon!

It's almost as if some internal clock had stopped early Saturday morning but the clock display on the program banners etc was correct all day so I'm baffled.

Since the reboot it has been OK though.


Thanks for your posts on our Community Forum @jgnotts, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear of the recent recording issues on the set top box.

How have things been performing since post, which came after a reboot?

Hopefully the issue has since re-emerged for you..

Kindest regards,


No more recording issues so far.BUT the box has just rebooted whilst I was watching it.

It then put up a green screen to say it has detected a serious fault which will take about 3 hours.

Not sure what to do now,