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webteam where my delivery

I am supposed to receive equipment but has not arrived the rubbish chat bot and test service bit say 4 hour waiting time (jokers that bot is not fit for purpose)

any way my order WS7410111 is not here and I have no tracking info (why not)

I can not but have tried contacting Virgin I believe the web-team is who I need to ask where my order  but cant emial or contact there Quote "

 at 12:13, Jan 11:
You’re now in a queue to speak to someone who can help. Our team is available every day 8am – 10pm. We aim to respond within 4 hours, but this will take longer"
this is rubbish I know we all have problems but I am still paying the large amount for my service which includes service support which I AM NOT GETTING.
so can some one contact me ASAP or if your unable to live up to our contract of support maybe at least lower the the price .
small update spoke to a man on phone who said he can not help me all he can do is re-oder and charges apply I told him I have the ref number and email to show it is free upgrade. he says does not matter his only option is re-order and charge me.
transferred to sale after that he said he transferring to to customer service AGAIN vicious circle not to mention hours on computer and mobile to no avail.
any one able to help 
virgin media all contacts and help are not fit for purpose

Order ref: WS7410111

Order date: Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Monthly cost breakdown

You've got our Ultimate Oomph bundle




Gig1 Fibre Broadband


Maxit TV


Talk More Anytime


Oomph Unlimited Data SIM


Virgin Phone line

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Sky Sports & Cinema Collection 
Sky Sports HD Pack 
WiFi Booster Starter Kit 
Kids Pick 


Virgin TV 360 box


Virgin TV 360 Mini box


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QuickStart delivery


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Worth £35.00

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