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using a URC7125 for One Power, possible?

took another forum members top tip and purchased the ONEFORALL URC7125, which works great!

I can now see the darn thing better in the dark and don't keep fat-fingering the wrong buttons.

However a couple of missing 'features' I liked from the VTV360 remote, "One Power" and controlling the volume from the Virgin remote.

the URC7125 has been setup using Ziggo as the manufacturer and seems to do everything expected

To startup I have to press POWER with TV selected, then MODE, then POWER again to turn the set top box on. First world problem I appreciate, but it would be nice if I could hit one and get two! ✌️

I then press MODE and switch between TV and STB to control Volume or VTV360 functions. But I noticed that when on STB you can still MUTE. 

Anyone managed to get VOLUME control to work while on STB mode?

I also could not see the ONE POWER settings in my VT360 anymore.

I presume this is because I have already paired my original Virgin remote and while I performed a Box Reset, the option still did not reappear (as hoped)

As you can see there isn't a TV button on the URC7125 to press, so I cannot try a remote reset using TV and Zero button for 10 seconds 

Any one figured it out?



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