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Joining in

Hi Alex,

I am having this exact same problem, I don't have Disney+ through any tv package, I subscribe separately.  In the last couple of weeks the app on my 360 box won't open, I get an error message along the lines of "there's a technical fault, please try again later" I spoke with Disney+ support last night and they asked me to do some tests, one of which was use the app on my phone and turn off wifi and use mobile data, it is then that the mobile app worked without issue.  Therefore they concluded that the issue is with my broadband provider 'blocking' the Disney + app for some reason.  Has there been a software update recently, as this has only been going on for the past couple of weeks?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi TopHat1126,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We're sorry to hear that you're having difficulty opening the Disney +App on your 360 box.

Can we ask if you have rebooted the hub and TV box as this will pull through any updates that are required. Can you also make sure all cables/HDMI are finger tight and secure.

Once you have tried the above, please can you come back to us and let us know if anything has changed.

Kind regards Jodi.