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Re: ultimate oomph tv360

@Emily_G wrote:

This would be due to upgrades being able to be done through quickstarts if you ask for this we can send some out. 


Thanks, Emily.

Hi Emily, 

I appreciate upgrades can be done through quick starts and agree where this is an option it should absolutely be the preferred option to minimise risk.

However,  it is not always an option if extensive coax installation is required internally or externally at the property for the mini box or the customer is unable to perform the necessary steps required to achieve the quick start.

Therefore, customer service should be asking the right questions to understand the right option to support the upgrade and try and do so via quick start / call support but if required then an engineer call out rather than the policy quoted above.

It should not be a matter of asking for it as we as the public trust and rely on the expertise of VM,  then you should be advising of the best option and organising it rather than cancelling an upgrade using the excuse of Covid.

My comments I stand by in regards the company policy quoted by Ashleigh if this policy  is the case. 

Services and Equipment;
x2 V6 Upgraded to tv360
Ultimate Ooomph Gig1 with UHD
VM Telly Tablet
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