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sky sports uhd

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Hi I upgraded to sky sports UHD  but when i go onto the sky sports UHD channel the picture goes dark not black but it is noticeable I've tried changing settings on the tv and the box but there was no change. Can anyone help. Thanks


On our wavelength

Yes because VM are not accepting its a v360 bug and not a user issue.

I tried calling CS use.

Not sure if VM can really be this inept...more likely they are ignoring the issue to flog to more subscribers.

No wee need a option to turn HDR off on the box like sky boxes it's so disappointing as it's a simple fix could just add it through a software update 

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I'm right in thinking this is the TV interpreting the HLG incorrectly and not the Virgin box? I know previously some UHD broadcasts were ok and some weren't so if its the HLG on some transmissions making it darker then I need to change the TV.

Is this correct?

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I had the same issue of the channel being more grey and not vibrant like HDR should be.  I solved this by using a different HDMI input on my Sony TV, I have 3 HDMI’s and only one is capable of providing a HDR picture.  Great picture now.