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sky sports uhd

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Hi I upgraded to sky sports UHD  but when i go onto the sky sports UHD channel the picture goes dark not black but it is noticeable I've tried changing settings on the tv and the box but there was no change. Can anyone help. Thanks


There's no setting to change picture from 8 bit to 10 bit and visa versa or transmit sky sports uhd the same as sky uhd on demand as that works with no problems. While on the sky q box you can change that particular setting.

Thanks for the reply @gadgie1 on the forums. 🙂

May I ask if you're able to send a screenshot of the settings that appear on your end?
This way we'll be able to navigate and advise on where we need to go to get these settings corrected and the issue resolved.

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Hi.I have added a photo of the audio and visual settings screen. If you go to the same settings on a sky Q box all I'd have to do is go to 4k setting press left or right on the remote a sub menu comes up then you can choose 8 or 10 bit which ever is best for you.20230326_132324.jpg

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Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the response on this,

I can see from prior post that our team has raised this as feedback for the boxes.

Many apologies for the issues faced,


@gadgie1 wrote:

Sky sports uhd is transmitted if that's the right terminology in 4k HLG HDR. BT sport is non hdr 4k. On a skyQ box you can change between 8 bit and 10 bit which solves the problem. Hopefully virgin will read these comments and fix the problem.

Here's my take on this. Sky only broadcasts HDR in UHD and 10-bit colour depth, so providing the facility to switch to 8-bit is fine as this will always be for Sky's SDR. However, VM is different as multiple content owners can provide HDR and it's perfectly within specifications for an HD or UHD 8-bit HDR broadcast to be made because HDR is more than just about colour, and so long as the brightness (usually in the 1,000 to 4,000 nits range) and contrast levels are met then you can legitimately have an 8-bit HDR broadcast. Of course 8-bit lacks the wide colour gamut that you want for HDR, but it isn't essential.

So, if VM were to do as Sky does and provide the option to switch between 10-bit and 8-bit, there will be confusion of how to apply this for HD or UHD. By far the best thing is for users to get their TV settings sorted out - although this isn't always easy.

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I posted the following in another thread last Saturday.  It relates to changing the settings on TV's to enable/disable HDR 

How to Enable 4K/HDR on some TV brands - (change to OFF instead of ON in the instructions to disable it)

Each television set has its own unique settings to navigate to. The folllowing are rough instructions for some of the most popular makes, but you should  check the manual that came with your TV for the most accurate settings.

LG Settings -> All Settings -> General -> HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color -> Enable (on desired port)

Panasonic Menu -> Setup -> HDMI HDR Setting -> HDMI port (where your box is connected to) -> Change to “On”

Philips Menu -> Setup -> TV Settings -> Installation -> Preferences -> HDMI mode -> HDMI port (where your box is connected to) -> Switch to “Normal”

Samsung Settings -> Picture -> Expert Settings (or Picture Options) -> HDMI UHD Color -> Turn “On” HDMI UHD Color

Sony Bravia Home -> Settings -> External Inputs -> HDMI signal format -> Change to Enhanced format (the default is Standard)

Vizio SmartCast -> Settings -> Inputs -> HDMI Color Subsampling -> Enable HDR


There may also be hidden settings on your make of TV that you can change - search youtube.

By changing further hidden settings on my LG I was able to remove the HLG/HDR/ on Sky Sports UHD  Remove HDR on LG 

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My Philips 55OLED805 automatically switches to HDR mode when HDR content is detected, and the highest quality setting is this:

Settings > General settings > HDMI Ultra HD > HDMI (port) > Optimal

If you change Optimal for Standard - the only other option available - you get neither HDR10+ nor Dolby Vision (both are dumbed down to HDR10).

However there is no setting that I can see which disables HDR, and all four HDMI inputs support UHD and HDR.

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Just got the UHD package and the same thing happens with my Sony TV.

The TV thinks about keeping the same setting on the TV but then switches and there is a darker picture on UHD.

Messed about with the settings including the external HDMI but no joy.

BT Sport Ultimate has no such problem. 

After much messing about with my Sony TV for a brighter picture I went through the procedure below.

To access settings when on a HDMI Ext press the sync menu button on the controller.

Here you can access TV control, then options, then picture and change settings to UHD Vivid for a brighter picture. 

I still think the picture is changing when I switch to a Sky Sports UHD channel but the picture is brighter this way. 

Hi there @faymondo 


Thank you so much for your post and for updating us, we are so sorry to hear that you have faced issues with the UHD channel. 


Can I ask if changing these settings has resolved this issue for you?