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sky sports uhd

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Hi I upgraded to sky sports UHD  but when i go onto the sky sports UHD channel the picture goes dark not black but it is noticeable I've tried changing settings on the tv and the box but there was no change. Can anyone help. Thanks


Hi Robgreen1979,

I see your post has been merged into another one on this subject, Sky Sports UHD is broadcast in HDR, there might be some info in this article which will help.


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Having the exact same issue too. What I have noticed is that if you change the HDMI resolution from 4k to any other resolution but don’t confirm the new resolution the colours are a lot better. If you pause/rewind the colours change back which makes me think it’s got to be an issue with the 360 box.

Hi, I had a 49 inch Samsung 6 series which was over 5 years old in my living room UHD was darker than normal but only on sky sports UHD, If I watched a film from sky Cinema or BT ultimate in UHD the picture was perfect . In my bedroom I have a 49 inch LG so when I tried sky sports UHD the screen went bright and a perfect picture on my LG. What I noticed though when I changed to the UHD sports in the top righthand corner of tv it would flash up HLG HDR, so as far as I'm aware sports UHD is transmitted in HLG HDR. I just bought a new LG for the living room and made sure it had HLG HDR and I've now got a perfect picture. 

tv model Samsung qe65qn900a. 8 months old

just got sky sports uhd and its dark and like all others have mentioned. TV cost 4k so surely it should work?

I had a Samsung 6500 and had same problem. I have a cheaper LG in the bedroom and it works perfectly with slight adjustment in the settings. I noticed on my LG it came up HLG HDR when I went onto the sports UHD channel. So as far as I'm aware the tv will need HLG HDR. My Samsung was a good 6yrs old so I just bought a new LG and made sure it had HLG HDR and it works sports on.

My phillips plays Sky Sports HLG perfectly (not dull) but the iplayer app plays in HD only - not bothered about iplayer tbh. 

As mentioned earlier it would be helpful to give the 8bit and 10bit option somewhere in the 360 box settings so that a non HDR version of Sky Sports can be watched as the same quality as BT Sports. 

Hey Jamesredfern,

Welcome back to us here on the forums, we will be sure to pass on your feedback to the team about this and getting a setting for the same quality for all UHD content. A guide to the display settings options that we currently have can be found here.

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I have just signed up for skyskort uhd...not happy with quality of picture.  Not same as BT!

Sky sports uhd is transmitted if that's the right terminology in 4k HLG HDR. BT sport is non hdr 4k. On a skyQ box you can change between 8 bit and 10 bit which solves the problem. Hopefully virgin will read these comments and fix the problem.

Hi @gadgie1 

Welcome back to our community forums and thank you for flagging the issues you have been having with the display for Sky Sports UHD. We have taken your feedback onboard and passed it on to the relevant teams for further improvement. In the mean time, you may find the following link useful*1bu4d09*_ga*MzU4OTQ4NzM0LjE2Nzc5Mjk...


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