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sky sports uhd

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Hi I upgraded to sky sports UHD  but when i go onto the sky sports UHD channel the picture goes dark not black but it is noticeable I've tried changing settings on the tv and the box but there was no change. Can anyone help. Thanks


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Check your Gamma setting isn't too high, try 2.2


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Hi, I’ve just added Sky Sports UHD to my subscription. The picture quality is certainly better, however the picture is considerably darker compared to the HD channel broadcasting the same content. 


This has been mentioned before on this thread, 

Check your Gamma settings on your TV.


Hi Thanks for your reply. I have a Samsung 6500 series, I'm in the process of getting a new tv, I had the same problem with sky Q, but with sky Q box I could go to the visual output settings and I could switch from 8bit to 10 bit or visa versa and that fixed the problem but I can't do that on the Virgin box. It's funny though because If I go onto BT ultimate it works perfect or if I watch sky cinema in UHD it works perfect, and they all work perfect in UHD on my cheaper LG tv. Thanks your reply was very informative.

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Hi. New to the forum. 
I purchased the uhd Sky sports but I’m not totally happy with it. Although the picture is clearer it has lost contrast and colour depth. It’s not bad and you can almost get used to it but it’s not right. I think I might cancel the subscription unless I can get this sorted. Anyone else having similar problems?

Even the menu turns dark when on the channel. 

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Very Insightful Person

Hi @a1waters 

Do  you have the same problem when you paly UHD content on BBC iPlayer through your V6 box?

If so it's probably because the Sky Sports UHD channel is in HLG, the same as UHD content on iPlayer.

It seems to affect Samsung TV's more than others, if you have a Samsung then check your Gamma setting isn't too high, try 2.2

If you have an LG TV try turning HDMI Ultra HD Deep Colour on or off to see if that helps.

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Hi there @jskemp76, thanks for reaching out to us on the forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the Sky Sports UHD being darker when viewing. 😞
May I ask if you've checked the thread link given to see if it is your Gamma settings on your TV?

Let us know.

Kind regards,

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Live HDR broadcasts and streams from Sky Sports, Eurosport and BBC iPlayer are in HLG, and some TVs (usually cheap ones) handle all versions of HDR poorly and the expensive ones are often incorrectly set up. You can post your TV make and model here and on other forums for help.

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Hi there @gadgie1 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the community forums, it's great to have you here. 


I am so sorry to hear that you have been facing issues with our services. I understand how frustrating this must be and a big thank you to our community members for their help so far with this. 


I can see you have mentioned you are in the process of buying a new TV, are you us know how things go with the new one? 


So I have tried the iplayer uhd and the picture is great. 
when turning on the Sky sports uhd channel the menu also goes very dark as well as the picture.


 Any more ideas?

my tv is a Hisense U7 55 inch and is only 3 months old.