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power off lose recordings and other issues

Hi All,
I’m new to virgin, 3weeks now, since installation I have had a new router, all outside hardware and inside cables replaced and I’m still not happy, although most issues have improved.

there are 3 issues I’d like advice on

1. When powered of main tv box losses all recordings and planned recordings but not watchlist. Is this normal?

2. navigation and refresh is very slow and unresponsive at times, if your browsing through guide, or catch up etc eventually it stalls, and can take 20-30seconds to catch up, sometimes get CS3300, or 3500 errors, do others have this problem?

3. Watching recordings on mini box was impossible at first, now it just buffers quite a lot. Last night had message network is very busy. Signal strength is 98% and download averages late 200mb, although can be erratic

I’m on 00mph

any advice would be great, starting to get very frustrated, Sky was amazing compared to this

thank you



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