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display that you are updating

On our wavelength

Today I assume that the panic in our house was caused by update 4.46 for 360 TV???

I'm elsewhere when the TV system is powered up.  We switch it all off at the socket every night.  It normally takes a while to boot up, but this morning it stuck on the slightly faded out Virgin infinity logo.  I looked on the web site and checked if there was a problem in our area.....No.  I went through the whole rigmarole I go through every time something strange is happening.  Checking for "problems in my area" post code entered etc, gave no hint.  In fact it said that it couldn't check my TV system at that moment.  What use is that! magically came on, warned me not to use the remote while its software was being updated....then it all worked.

Please display a note on the screen when you are updating not just the Virgin infinity logo.

I came on this Forum to post this message and I see, under latest content at the right of my screen that you are rolling out update 4.46!!!  A bit of communication would help.  Web sites are not active communication.  An email, text, or a note on the screen would save so much frustration in this household!!!


Community elder

If you leave your box in Standby overnight set to fast or active start then the box will update overnight and you won't notice anything. The updates are staggered when rolled out so sending out emails is probably an unrealistic option. My boxes haven't been updated yet as I usually receive the updates 3 to 4 weeks after the first people.