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deleting a paired device?

On our wavelength

How do you remove a paired device?

The tv remote works fine,but it also turns on the surround sound receiver.

I can't see an option to unpaired.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @bryan8 

Try Pair remote with devices > Change audio set up  and just select any make which should clear your currently chosen soundbar (if you've chosen one)

Following that click on Volume Keys control and set that to your TV instead.  

You could then pair it up with the current soundbar again if you wanted to

Your soundbar may also have a CEC option which allows other devices to turn it on, you could turn that off instead.

You can also turn off One Power on your 360 which should stop the surround sound receiver turning on, although this will also prevent the 360 from turning on/off  your TV.



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On our wavelength

Thanks for the reply,

I will give it a go later.

It was working perfectly, then this morning when turning on the 360 box,the marantz receiver fired up aswell.

Hello bryan8

Thanks for confirming the paired device has now been fixed.

Should you need any more help. 

Please pop back on here.