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Youtube app problem.

Fibre optic

Since the latest update.

everytime i open the app and click on the video i want to just goes black nothing..

then i go back to the main the video a second time and it works..

it worked brilliantly before the update.

anyone else got this problem ..

Cable tv customer since its inception in the 80,s.
Virgin 360 and mini box.maxit tv.350 broadband.
Playstation 55 inch lg tv and ceiling projector in bedroom..
Size 9 feet..
No criminal convictions.

I dont have a stream box because im not allowed to have 1..

Community elder

Don't think it's anything to with the 4.41 upgrade as there has been YouTube problems reported on the V6 board, l have only noticed one problem where I just got the spinning loading image, pressed back played something else that was OK then retried the problem video and it was fine.

So it could be a YouTube problem or the Virgin app which I think also is supplied by YouTube.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Dereklad, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to see you are having issues with YouTube.

How many TV boxes do you have, just the one? If not, is it happening on all boxes?

Is the box connected via WIFI or cable?

I have also just tested it on my personal box and it's running fine. 

Let us know

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Fibre optic

while your problem was posted Aug 2022...

I've also noticed that since the Youtube loading logo and its {plink plonk} sound effect was added that Youtube on VTV360 has been pants IMHO

  1. It often won't start correctly. I trigger a stream from my Droid or iPad (both latest OS) and the VTV360 switches to Youtube loading logo and {plink plonk} sound. Then it sits at the Youtube home-page (with an array of available tubes to select from). This usually results in me having to force the YT app to close on my device and load again. This time the Youtube home screen on the VTV360 plays my video. YT on my TV is NOT logged in as a user BTW.
  2. Crashes a lot. trigger a stream from my Droid or iPad and the VTV360 switches to Youtube loading logo and {plink plonk} sound. Then it blacks out and shows a blank screen.  If I suffer this I have to power cycle the VTV360 box
  3. Another recent observation...   trigger a stream from your device, up comes Youtube and it begins playing the LAST tube you had played for a few brief seconds, before switching to the one you had selected on your device I'm not a fan of the VTV360 UI but I suspect this is more to do with the latest 'features' of the VTV360 Youtube app thats been implemented