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Can someone tell me I've had a TV box ordered from 25th but not arrived on Yodel app it's saying it's with sender can someone tell me if I need to contact virgin because when I phoned on Saturday, they said it would be delivered today? 


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On the 25th I should have received a Virgin hub three under three tv 360 TV box but the only thing that arrived was a virgin hub 3 I'm a new customer I'm paying for TV WiFi and home phone but the only thing that has come is my hub 3 

DO you have a V6 box currently?  If so you dont need a new Virgin TV 360 box to upgrade, it's done via a software upgrade.

Did your delivery include a new remote control? 

Good Morning @Lornetwining66, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and I'm sorry to hear of the issues with the delivery of the equipment.

Can you please confirm if this has since arrived and if all equipment is working as expected?

Kindest regards,


I'm still waiting for My tv360 box and the cables to come I spoke to someone this morning on the phone and they said it could take 5-7 days I want it before next week 

No it has not arrived yet this is ridiculous u want my 360 tv box and the cable's to go with it 

Since 25-3-2023 iv been waiting for a virgin TV 360 box and all the cables that go with it can someone please help me 

I haven't ya TV box at all this is my point all I have got is the hub 3 I'm getting sick of this I need a TV 360 box and the cables that go with it 

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I'm paying for a service I haven't got  I'm paying for a TV service I haven't got I HAVEN'T GOT A TV BOX AT ALL I HAVEN'T GOT ANY CABLE'S FOR A TV BOX I SHOULD HAVE GOT A TV BOX ON THE 25-3-2023 BUT IT DIDN'T COME CAN SOMEONE HELP PLEASE 

Can someone at virgin media tell me why when I look at my orders and appointments iv got nothing showing when I should have a TV 360 box showing I need a  tv360 box I'm paying for the TV service but I have NEVER RECEIVED A TV 360 BOX IM GETTING SICK OF THIS