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Why won't my TV360 boxes record BBC1's The Wheel?

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I had this issue last year and thought it might go away of its own accord but I'm still getting this problem... My TV360 box absolutely refuses to record BBC1's The Wheel.

When I select "Record Series" the box thinks for a while then a message pops up saying "Sorry we couldn't do this for you. Please try again later". If I select "Record Episode" it schedules the recording but then doesn't record it.

This happens on both of my TV360 boxes and the TVGO app. It happens if I select the programme in the main guide or from the mini guide. It's been happening for a couple fo years whenever there is a new series of The Wheel. It doesn't happen with any other programmes.

I'm baffled. Can anyone help.


Super solver

FWIW your solution last year was " I have just changed the standby settings from Fast Start to Active Start, put it on standby and switched it back on 10 minutes later. Thought I would have another go and hey presto" 

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Yep, as I posted a few days later, sadly it didn’t actually work as hoped.  Nothing recorded. Back to square one etc.

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Anyone from VM want to help (happy to take this to DMs)? Photo of screen when I try to series record below. Only happens with The Wheel. No idea why. If I try and record single episodes instead it will schedule them but doesn't actually record them. The is happening on both boxes.


Hi Eddie98,

Thanks for posting and sorry to see you're experiencing some recording issues.

What happens when you try? Does it allow you to choose the recording option? Or is there an error once the recording has been made?


Hi Alex. Thanks for replying. I can do everything as normal other than actually record the program. If I press series record then I get the message in the pic I posted. If instead I try and record a single episode then it will schedule it but just not record it.

Hi @Eddie98,

Thanks for expanding. Just to clarify, are you saying that even since the issue began you've been able to record other content and that it's only that one show that you're aware of which presents this issue?



Zach - Forum Team
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Yes, as per my original post, this has only been a problem with The Wheel. I don’t have issues recording other shows.

Hi @Eddie98.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies for the issues you are having with recording the Wheel. Can we ask, are you able to record anything else on that channel with no issues at all?


Yes everything else is fine (please see original post and previous replies).👆