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White flashing arrows on mini box

I'm a night owl and normally go to bed around 1-2am. The last couple of nights I've noticed 2 white flashing arrows on the Mini box in our bedroom. The next morning the lights were off. Does anyone know what is causing this? Could it just be the system updating? 

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Re: White flashing arrows on mini box

Hey kteirvine, thanks for reaching out on our help forum and for your question.

We'd like to advise that you're right to suspect the flashing lights may be indicating an update has been sent to your equipment as we usually perform those during the least social hours.

Sorry if that had you worried, please rest assured that this is 100% normal and if your TV service is working ok there's nothing to be concerned about.

in case you experience issues in the future we'll be here to help and advise further.
 Best regards,

Adri - Forum Team

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