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Where is my Watchlist

Joining in

Just ugraded to 360 Virgin box and i have saved programmes to my Whatchlist but when I go to look for it I am unable to find my Whatllist on 360 Virgin box. 

Can  anyone help please


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The Watchlist is available by paging down on the Home Screen.

Press Home then down until you reach it.

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Thank you very much Ernie, I have found it.  Also thank you for replying so quickly.  Brilliant

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the update Geniveve,

Welcome back to the community.

I'm glad you were able to locate this, be sure to pop back up to the team again if you require further assistance.

Take care,


Joining in

Since I have ungraded to Virgin 360 I have been unable to play my watchlist or recordings.  It says 

"Playback not possible  It also says that if this issue contues call 150, which I did.  They wanted my mobile number and saidd they would send me a link which they did.  I actually had a text today to say the my service has been fixed and reboot the box which I did.  Again it doesnt work.

Why cant I speak to someone.  Im a senior citizen who has to work it out for myself, actually I am doing the job they should do.  I am the engineer actually.  

Honestly I am frustrated with all this and its getting to the stage when my contract ends I am leaving.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it please.


Thanks for coming back to us @Geniveve, and I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with the 360 TV services.

I understand that you have been able to raise this issue with our team.

Can you please confirm what was advised to you?

Did we possibly advise of any tickets being raised and referred to our IT team?

Kindest regards,


Thank you for email me, yes I did raise it with the team.  I was told that it could take 5 days to fix.  It has been fixed partially, but when playing either a recording or a watchlist last night it said that the playback was not available.

There were no tickets raised as far as I know but then I dont know what you mean by tickets!  I also do not know whether it was referred to the IT team.

I would like to mention here that I am an older senior citizen and trying to work out something new like this is sometimes frustrating, even though I am pretty IT literate.  The previous system was so much easier, and I wish I could go back to it, but been told I cant.

I think the main issue is that there are recordings, watchlists, and other lists which are not relevant.  Also, correct me if I am wrong but with the previous system if I asked it to record on live TV say for instance "Law & Order" it would record all series's and episodes, whereas now if I record Law & Order while it is playing live on TV it only records that particular series.

Obviously changing has ment that I have lost all my previous recordings, so dissapointed that I cannot get all series and episodes back.

Thank you

Hi Genevieve,

You need to select the Advanced options when setting a recording,

As an example for Law and Order, the options would be something like This Episode only, From this episode onwards, All from series X only, All from series X and onwards, New episodes only and All available episodes.


Hi @genevieve,

Have you tried selecting the advanced options when setting a recording as suggested by Roy?

Forum Team

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I've just started using Watchlists again but totally forgot where it was on the 360 so thanks for this!!

I do think it would be better located in the top section when you press the Home button though (the list which goes across the top of the screen. I don't see the point in the word 'Guide' in that list since you can access the Guide from a single button press on the remote anyway!).



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