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Where do I start?

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I have 2 V6 boxes that I ‘upgraded’ to 360,that’s when it all started to go wrong!

a few years ago, we moved into this address and was told my Hub3 might need replaced, to see how it went…it was fine until I upgraded , now I don’t know where or what the issue is

the boxes show Wi-Fi errors (both boxes) every night, whilst I still have Wi-Fi on this iPad

Both boxes will freeze and then restart on its own when you are watching live TV at different times most days 

I get error codes CS9993 and CS2200 a lot (most days) sometimes, when you click for the recordings, we get the header but nothing else, we have no way to select appts or recordings, when you finally click to go into recordings, it’s blank OR it says there are no recordings?

when you finally can watch something taped on the box, it buffers?

I’ve given up watching catch up tv through either box, it constantly sticks or fails, the only service I can watch (when when the lights are flashing on the boxes) is Netflix, not had an issue with this … YET, Prime usually just sticks in the from Prime screen and I can’t get any further

i have checked service status just about daily, it either says no issues and when I try to do other checks I get the ‘can’t perform at this time’ message

only once, I did get to click the check, I got a message saying I needed to get an engineer out, it gave me the option of 1 appt….which I can’t attend,it will be my hubby who’s here, who’s answer to what’s wrong is ‘it’s no working’

I even tried to download the connect app, in case it was the Wi-Fi,  took about 15mins to download then said it wouldn’t connect to the Hub3 (argh) 

am sick of turning the hub and both boxes off and on on a daily basis!

we have progs recorded we can’t get to watch (due to the issues) am guessing there’s a good chance we are going to lose these if the boxes are replaced but have no way to watch them just now, am just worried they change the boxes and it isn’t them at all.

any ideas or help given is greatly appreciated, should we be pushing for a new hub, boxes or both?


should have called it 180 … the service is going backwards, NOT forwards!!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Faerie1, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some major issues with your 360 boxes.

I would like to look at this and run some tests with you via a PM.

Please can you look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?