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Where do I start? TV360 errors and issues

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Not sure if this is in the right board…

I have 2 V6 boxes upgraded to 360 - biggest mistake ever

Every night I have different issues and different problems, I have 2 V6 boxes upgraded to 360

I try to go in and watch something we had recorded …. Not working …different error messages…errors with the Home Screen, says no recordings, go out and back in, sometimes they are there, sometimes they’ll play, other times they say there is an error won’t, or you click Recordings (it only shows you a few) so you click View All….and it says there are no recordings at all?? And that’s recordings I know are on that box, not the one upstairs (home alone, watching TV with everything wifi related turned off and it says too many streaming devices??) , new message tonight….’living room is offline or not connecting.  Turn it onto watch your recordings’ it’s not off though? It’s on and says it’s recording!


now, when I can finally watch something, when finished. it asks if I want it deleted, I say yes, it says deleted, I go into the planner and it’s still there!  I go back in a few mins later try and delete it via the planner and it says it’s playing on another box? Am home alone, it’s not playing in 2 boxes, need to wait a few hours go into it and delete it from the individual program, can’t click on the bin on the front page, sometimes the switch the box off and on helps, shouldn’t have to do that to delete programs though, should I?

also, nearly every night now, around 8pm, I get the up and down arrow flashing in the downstairs box but not on the upstairs box and not on the hub? Don’t seem to lose wifi, well I don’t get those flashing errors but the box freezes for a few minutes?

i was having issues a few weeks ago, I had to reset my boxes to watch them every day due to buffering and bandwidth…Gareth was really helpful and send out two pods…thats not as bad anymore but still need to turn the boxes off at least once a week to get them to work, as well as everything that’s going wrong… the Virgin app doesn’t work though, says I don’t have a hub… so I can’t check my wifi signal but, the other night, when I couldn’t watch Netflix or Amazon on either box, I plugged in a firestick, both streaming services worked fine( sure how else I can test it??) so, is it the boxes? Do I need new boxes …. or a new service provider?

A couple weeks ago, I got a message on both boxes, software upgraded, seems even worse now (had to turn upstairs box off twice for it to do anything??) 

service status always says no issues (when you can get that to work as well!) tonight, again, it’s says they can’t check? 

anyway, am getting very sick of Virgin, WORST upgrade ever!!

apologies for the rant, there are soo many issues with the setup now, I don’t actually know where to start anymore!! I’m ready for cancelling (been a customer for many, many years (with all the different company name changes) for the money I’m paying, it should be a fully working service not a working sometimes maybe service…


Here are the screenshots with the details taken at the same time the box stopped working…not sure if they will help

Hi @Faerie1,

Thanks for expanding. Is it just the one TV box that seems to be affected, or are both of them having this issue?

Are you noticing any pattern to the issue? For example, is it always happening at around the same time each day/night? Is it happening when a different device connects to the router? Is it happening whenever another device in the home is being used that may be causing interference? Is it only certain channels/content? etc.


Zach - Forum Team
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it seems to happen, since the new box was installed, every night, at different times, it seems to be every channel, well i can watch what’s on but the Home Screen won’t work, I get the 2 arrows, nothing will record etc as per the error in the screen shot and I get buffering

downstairs I get the arrows,  not at the same time as upstairs, and we can’t use the on demand services on the box, but I can then connect with the firestick and it plays ok on that

as far as I can tell nothing else is connecting to the router when this happens, but the fire sticks connect ok when we need them?

Hi @Faerie1 thanks for your reply here with further details. 

How have things been since your post here, have things stabilised as our diagnostics would indicate no issues?

If not, please let us know and we can take things from there.

Many thanks


Yesterday, was fine, that’s the first day it hasn’t ‘played up’ so, everything crossed


 don’t think I’ve had that message before…sigh

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Faerie1 

It's possible that the recording has been deleted hence it's not possible to play it, as per <<< This message >>>  from <<< This CS5600 thread >>> 

Whilst this error isn't indicated amongst VM's  VM's /which-error-code  list, it is shown on their Dutch site


What does the error message mean?

An error occurred while receiving the channel.

This is how you can proceed.


Try to play another channel and check if the problem also exists with other channels.

If the problem only occurs when playing one channel, try playing the channel again later.
It is possible that the error has been caused by a temporary service interruption. In this case we kindly ask for your patience, we are working on solving the problem."
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So, wee update, am upstairs watching bedroom box, watching something I recorded yesterday, only person in house, box is buffering, messages on screen saying bandwidth low, then it clears then it buffers again, then get a message saying to stop streaming on other boxes….am not though? By the time I got my iPad to take a screen shot the message had gone again…

(nearly 2 days without issue)


Hi Faerie1 👋 thank you for getting back to us! Sorry to hear about these issues with your TV360 service following the upgrade. 

There are a couple of different issues potentially happening here 

1)There may be issues with the broadband connection reaching your TV box from. To identify if this is the case it would be good to know how each of your TV boxes are connected? (Via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet). 

2)If there are issues with your broadband connection this may be due to Wi-Fi coverage within the home. We can help optimise this with you. You can use our connect app 👉 to scan for coverage issues within the home, and help place any Wi-Fi pods you may have for best coverage. 

3) There may be an issue with the two boxes communicating with each-other. Usually with TV360 you will have a primary box which has a hard-drive and then a mini-box which communicates with the primary box via your local network to access and manage recordings. If there is a difficulty with the coverage on your network internally this may also be affecting the performance of the boxes working with each-other. 

4) An issue with one of the boxes themselves. This may require a technicians appointment to take a closer look and offer support or replace the box if needed. 

In order to investigate further and offer some support with this I will send you a PM to confirm a few account details. You can find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 📩 We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Wishing you all the best. 🌞


Hi All! 👋 Just returning to keep this public thread updated. 

Thanks to Faerie1 for PMing with me. Following several technicians appointments and some changes in equipment, I am pleased to confirm the issues with the TV service are now finally sorted! 

Huge thanks for your patience whilst we looked into this and got things sorted. 🤞 Hopefully this stays this way!
If the issues return or you need further support please do get back in touch and we will continue to offer support. Wishing you all the best. 🌞