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When will they switch all boxes to 360 whether we like it or not?

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I like to come on here every so often to check what the situation is regarding the future of the V6 software, i know people have mixed feelings about 360 but I feel like virgin are starting to treat customers who still have V6 software as second class. They are adding apps for services such as Disney plus and UKTV play to the 360 but not the V6. At the moment it’s not a big deal but if this type of trend continues it will start to become more and more unfair. I know at the moment the move to 360 is optional. But l wonder will they eventually move us all to 360 without asking? I know the license for the TiVo software is running out. My dad is the account holder and doesn’t want to move to 360 due to the loss of any recordings which I agree with but part of me hopes they will eventually just move everyone get the same opportunities.


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Ultimately VM are free to develop (or not) whatever products they see fit or choose to.

There are currently no published plans for V6 > 360 migrations to become compulsory, but if you want a particular feature that is only on 360, that needs to be a consideration for you.

Just like if you value TiVo features that are not on TV360.

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