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When scrolling the channels sound goes on one box

Up to speed

I have a bizarre fault, and can't work out what it could be.

If I am scrolling through multiple channels and then select the one I want the picture comes, but sound is lost.

I then scroll 3-4 channels up or down then come back I want and the sound returns.

Any ideas? It only happens with one box (mini 360)




Community elder

Have you tried rebooting the box first by turning the power off and on with either the switch on the back of the box or at the plug.

If that hasn't worked you could try a factory reset.

It's only a partial system reset and not a complete factory reset and on the mini box there are no options to keep recordings because they are on the main box.

You might have to sign into your apps such as iPlayer, Prime, Netflix and ITVX again, (I can't remember if the mini box will pick them up from the main box), also Match frame rate and Standby power consumption will go back to their default settings if you have changed them.