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Re: What if I Currently Have Two V6 TIVO Boxes?

@Mattc86 wrote:

That’s disappointing I was under the impression that this was a selling point of the mini box that it acts as wireless extender to the bigger box much like sky Q that can be moved anywhere in your house hence the 360 selling point

The requirement of a coax cable completely defeats the object of this 

I get that the current V6 box wouldn’t do this and a simple replacement to a mini would solve it 

The main V360 box has 6 tuners. If you had 3 mini boxes running on Live TV + the main box that would leave you just 2 tuners available to record.

Sky Q restricts you to using 2 mini boxes at any one time, & the 4k main box has 12 tuners.

Swings or Roundabouts, take your pick.

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Re: What if I Currently Have Two V6 TIVO Boxes?


The reason so many people are opting out of marketing is that they are fed up with the phone calls from India that are impossible to distinguish from all the scam calls people get from that region.

The last time I looked, the marketing options in profile settings was shockingly bad.... you could only switch it on or off. Most other companies I've dealt with have separate options for email, phone, post etc.

If Virgin had proper marketing options like they should have, then a lot more people would be seeing the marketing emails.


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Re: What if I Currently Have Two V6 TIVO Boxes?


just reading through various comments today following speaking with virgin re some issues. they are apparently sending me a new 360 box which comes with a mini, i currently have two V6 boxes. i said would they both be replaced, thus giving me 2 extra minis? No, just 1 360 and a mini. this means i lose 1T of storage and only 2 min live pause on the mini. both our boxes are used in two main living rooms and have equal usage. why would i want to change over to this and lose 1T of storage. How do i go about cancelling this, or do i just not plug in and return? took me an hour to get through on the phone today! very disappointing and i'm now panicking i'll be stuck with the new option.

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Re: What if I Currently Have Two V6 TIVO Boxes?

Can you not refuse to take delivery? Your V6s will continue to work as they should remain activated.

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