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Volume doesnt work

Dialled in

Issue happens maybe once a week (maybe 2), no set pattern to it, can be just changing the volume and it won't budge up or down, Ive changed the batteries (tried some Ive had charge) and it still doesnt work, only thing Ive done that helps is turn the tv and box off, this isnt ideal.

Should a new remote fix this ?

My contract is up so Im thinking of seeing I could get a new box so should I try this first ?



Dialled in

edited to say Ive seen posters say having 2 batteries in the remote work and ive come across this so I'll see if that helps.

Community elder

Have you tried giving the remote a quick shake to wake it up, they do seem to switch off when they want to.


No not tried that but i will do.

I go to chnage the volume and it will change it but it will suddenly stop and the volume bar will stay fixed on the bottom of the screen.

Hi DCFC79,

Thanks for providing an update on this. Have you been able to try the advice given by roy247? In addition, if you're using a TiVo/V6 box, can you please head to Settings > Audio & Video > Volume keys control and double-check that it's set to use your TV and not an amplifier?


Reece - Forum Team

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Hi Reece Ive not had a chance yet, its actually a 360 box and not a V6.

No amp is connected, as soon as I get a chnace I'll follow the advice provided by Roy and yourself Reece and I'll post back.

No worries at all.

Please do keep us updated and let us know how you get on. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt only got round to checking this, have tried everything suggested and no change, the volume bar will stay fixed on the screen like in the photo attached. Changing the channel doesn't do anything, only thing that does work to get rid of the volume is turn the TV off then turn it back on but it doesn't solve the issue of not being to adjust the volume.

Only thing that I've tried is changing the batteries bit it doesn't always work first time. Thanks for your help.



Have just turned the TV and box off and no joy, have replaced the batteries to see if a battery issue change, I can change the channels so it's not the remote at fault, it's changing the volume.

Only thing that seems to work is turning TV and the box of at night and when it's turned back on following morning the volume works as it should.