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Virgin v6 Box running 360 software saying box offline


hope somebody can help. I have 2 V6 boxes running virgin 360. Has been fine until recently whereby It wouldn’t let me create any new recordings and was saying storage full. I hardly had any recorded programmes as it was. Deleted any I did have and and any planned recordings went into settings and still saying 100 storage full. Have checked other box that seems to be working fine but on primary I can’t get anything to work. When I try and open a recording it says the 360 box is offline? But both boxes are turned on and I believe this to be my primary box and anyway and also I don’t believe you have to have both boxes turned on every time you want to set an recording on the other box?

why is my storage saying 100% full when I believe it’s not and also saying 360 box offline? I’ve tried doing factory resets but nothing has changed and still having the same problem.


I tried to ring yesterday and I spoke to some ring from technical team asked a few questions then said he was passing me through to a secondary technical team to which then I then waited on hold for over 1hr 10mins to which then I couldn’t wait any longer.

please can somebody help.


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