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Virgin remote not controlling amplifier

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I joined virgin a week ago and bought two of the same sound bar/ amplifiers (for two separate TVs). JBL Bar 500 5.1.

I can control the sound (via Virgin remote) on the mini box, but not on the main box. 

Sound is played through the soundbar, but it’s just the volume control that doesn’t work. 

Two 12 month old Samsung TV’s and two of the same Soundbars… pulling my hair out!


Community elder

Are both TV's the same so everything is connected exactly the same, are you using HDM-ARC, have you also checked the the Volume key's control is set to the Soundbar and not to the TV.


Hi Roy,

everything connected the same, through an optical cable. 
i can’t see any option to change the volume key control from the audio & video menu. Is this somewhere else?


Looks like the 360 remote isn't paired to the soundbar, select Pair remote with devices and then pair the soundbar, Volume keys control should then appear and you can select either the TV or soundbar.


So I try and pair the JBL to Virgin. Will not recognise remote.

’pair remote’ screen is recognising the soundbar and there is sound output, but no key control. 
I have tried factory resetting both Virgin and the Soundbar. 


Hi Steve,

Has the 360 remote paired to the soundbar on the mini box and do you get the volume keys control setting.

If both are the same I would check the Audio / Speaker settings on the TV, which Samsung TV do you have.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I would also try putting new batteries in the 360 remote control, it often works.

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