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Virgin are working on it.

Good to see Virgin are working on it, no timeline, this extract was published 8 March, the full article link is here,

Are there any problems with Virgin TV 360?

As the Virgin TV 360 box is still fairly new, we don't have much information on its real-world performance (or complaints about it).

There are a couple of things Virgin have owned up to:

  • Future shows can't yet be set to record (e.g., ones that aren't yet in the Guide), although this is something they're working on.
  • The ability to press Cancel on recorded items to delete them immediately has been removed from the 360, so users will need to select the Bin icon on an individual programmes or select the Bin icon in the See All folder to delete everything.
  • There is no Series Link folder available yet to see all series links, so customers have to navigate elsewhere. Again, Virgin say they're working on this.
  • Customers can't yet set series links to record HD only. Virgin say it will be possible in the future.

The previous V6 box attracted complaints for box freezing, flickering pictures and a cluttered interface.

While the last issue has been addressed with the new Guide and Home interface, we don't yet know about the other issues. As the Virgin TV 360 is made by a different provider, it might be that these issues have been fixed too.


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