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Virgin UHD channel - streaming


This evening we tried to watch a recording from the main box on a second box and it just kept saying the recording could only be watched on the main box.

We are both certain we have watched Virgin UHD channel recordings on the second box in the past?

Seems strange to block streaming on certain channels as I thought the whole point of 2 boxes was too watch recordings from the main box on any secondary box?



I believe this only happens with the Virgin UHD channel, you might need to wait for a definitive answer from the forum team.


That's what I thought. But I'm sure we have watched it before and certainly with the V6 box it would stream that channel.

I can only assume it's blocked to stop complaints if it buffers. 

I thought originally it was because I didn't have a 4k TV on my mini box but could watch BT Sport Ultimate recording's which confused things, and when I replaced that TV with a 4k TV it still won't play a recording that was advertised as UHD on Virgin UHD, which made me think anything else was upscaled. Maybe I need to test again with some TNT and Sky Sports UHD recording's and then a Virgin UHD recording.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @jonandmarkuk,

Sorry to see that this is happening to you on your second box, can you confirm for me specifically what channels it is on and what shows/movies specifically just so we can see if there is some common ground between them.



Two recordings from the Virgin UHD channel.

The show was recorded a while back;

Title: Japan The sense of season.

Neither episode would play on the mini box

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your quick response, jonandmarkuk!

To clarify, is this issue isolated to this particular channel?

Please keep us informed.