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Virgin TV 360 remote

Joining in

Sorry if this isn't the right place but I'm hoping it is and that someone can help.

I have a LG smart TV and a Virgin box. The remote is paired to it and works fine but I wanted to know if there was a set of buttons to push so I can navigate the actual TV's menu to adjust brightness etc.

If you need more details, let me know and thank you to anyone that tries to help!


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi upnyakhir 

The 360 remote is only for the use of controlling the 360 box, along with access to the TV input button which changes the HDMI source.

You could continue using your LG Smart remote for navigating the TV menus and try and set that up to also control the 360, or buy a third party remote (no other remotes have the voice funtion on the 360).

You can use some third party remotes such as the OneForAll URC7125 - use the SimpleSet setup process and choose Ziggo as the manufacturer. There's also the OneForAll1240 (£12 on Amazon, £12.99 from Curry's and Argos) - if you enter code 1582, It's not as expensive as the URC7125 and has 4 selects for tv/sat/amp/dvd.  I found I needed direct line of sight to set up the 1240 (I haven't got the 7125)  

I've got an LG Nano and the LG Smart remote can control the majority of the 360 functions (but not the voice)

I can set up the 360 with my LG Smart remote by selecting Virgin as the device. It also works if I type in either Arris,  Ziggo or Ziggo Mediabox Next

There are a number of different system menus to go through depending on the various LG Models

With mine it's Settings > All Settings > Connection > Device Connection Settings > Universal Control Settings >  then select the port that the 360 is connected to and either Search model name or Set manually

On other LG's try going to  Settings > Channels & Inputs > External inputs > TV box setup > setup by model number > TV box > set up > then pick your HDMI input > then type in Ziggo etc

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Hi upnyakhir,

The short answer is no you can't control the TV's menu's with the 360 remote, you can control the volume and the TV's source.

If you have an LG smart remote you can pair that to the 360, my LG remote is paired using Ziggo Set-Top box, other remotes work using Ziggo Mediabox Next.