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Virgin TV 360 boxes I have less storage space overall than on the old V6 boxes?

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So my contract ran out and my Dad signed up as a new customer to take advantage of a better deal (stupid that they didn't just let me get the new customer deal, but whatever).

The new TV 360 UI is nice and the new features are actually quite amazing (the catch up service for watching a past programme you haven't recorded, is the same quality as recording the main channels now and has a wider selection of channels available, eg. BT Sport Ultimate on catch up is exactly the same quality as if I was watching the channel or my recording).

But if I understand correctly, only the main box has storage space, the 2 mini boxes do not. The set up I had before with 2 x V6 boxes was that each had its own dedicated storage space.

So I have less recording space overall now than before? I feel like I've lost a feature. I suppose you could argue this is evened out by the beefed up Catch Up Service which makes recording less of a requirement than it was before.

Also I feel misled, I was under the impression the mini boxes didn't need coaxial connections, but it turns out they do.

What does everyone else think of all these changes?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @peter887 

It's a shame that you didn't negotiate a new deal and a free upgrade to the 360 instead of cancelling and your dad signing up as a new customer.

As a current customer both of your V6 boxes could have been upgraded over the air, hence retaining the recording their capacity.

Admittedly you probably wouldn't have got the same new customer deal, but you could have added the third box and would have received a mini box.  

All new customers only receive one main 360 box with a hard drive. Any additional boxes are mini's which do need a coxial connection (which you already had) A lot of people are under the impression that the mini boxes don't require the coaxial It's only the new Stream boxes (one per account , but the customer can't have any other VM set top box) that doesn't need a coaxial connection.

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Very Insightful Person

Worth adding that existing TiVo/V6 customers can add upto 2 additional multiroom boxes, these will have their own hard drives but retain bidirectional streaming ability.

All new customers get TV360 and only one master box - any additionals are minis.

Any V6 that is converted to 360 retains the HDD and becomes a 360-master. Any subsequent additions are 360-minis.

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