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Virgin 360 - helpful hints

This post is using info collated from posts by Community members and Forum Staff. Please feel free to add your own tips/solutions

There's some support for the 360 box on the Irish site  virgintv360support/ 

A useful list of voice suggestions by @paul0363 360 box voice tips 

Any issues that can't be solved using the forums call and ask to be put through to the 360 team, it's a dedicated helpline.

To go to recordings - press MIC and say "Recordings" - you then get two lists - one is recorded programmes and one is schedule recordings. Or press Home > Saved > Recordings > Recorded > See All lists everything recorded by program name.

You get one line per series/channel - so 5 recordings of one series will all appear as a single entry. You select that entry to see the episodes. To do the same with the remote press Home > Saved and the Ok button gives you the same as the voice control.

The series link starts from the season you set it too ie if there are 10 seasons and you set the 1st recording at season 4 it will record seasons 4 to 10. At present there is no New Only option. The 360 will record all new shows from the season that you start your recordings from. Unfortunately, it will also record repeats of shows that you have watched then deleted. This is a bug that has a fix coming in a future release.

To skip forwards/backwards 15 minutes in recordings - press MIC and say "go forward 15 minutes" or "go back 15 minutes". You can also say "fast forward 10 minutes" or whatever amount of time you want

The left and right arrow buttons either side of the OK button skip forward 30 seconds and back 10 seconds

The buttons above and below the OK button scroll up and down individual channels and the channel up and down scroll the page. You can also use the voice control and say "back to the top" and it goes to 100

To avoid adverts on streamed & on demand say "skip forward three minutes" or "fast forward 3 minutes"

Press MIC and say "Subtitles on" or "Subtitles off"

Mini boxes will only pause for a max of around two and a half minutes. Press record if you want to pause for more than a few minutes. The main box however buffers for around 3 hours

To watch Sky or BT Box Office events, press the Home button and under Guide you will find an app advertising the pay per view football matches. Click on that app and it will give you a list of matches that you can buy that weekend.

A single click on OK in the Guide will give the option to watch live or watch from the start. The second click chooses the first option to watch live. That applies only to shows that are currently on.

Single clicking OK on a program not currently being broadcast, takes you to the live channel.

To pair the 360 remote hold down the 'TV' button and '0' button together until the Standby button starts to flash.

If the remote appears to have stopped working make sure the the power saving mode setting is on Fast Start

Resetting the 360: Switch off the 360 with the switch on the back. Turn the box back on and hold the [-] button and the standby button on the front for about 10 seconds. After this, the box should go through the initial installation again

The 360 is compatable with the Harmony Remote - set it up as a Ziggo Mediabox Next

The 360 doesn't work with the TV Control app. You need to use the Virgin TV Go app instead. You can manage your recordings, and stream live TV and on demand content, also Sky Cinema using TV Go Download TV Go app 

For Sound issues go to Setting > Audio & Video - try setting Dolby Audio to always convert. You can also try different settings such as follow content or disabled


To set up favourites you have to create a profile or profiles. Each profile can set up their own set of favourite channels. Go via the settings menu, or press the profile button on the side of the remote control.
Select the profile (or the big + sign to add a new profile)
Select the pen symbol under the profile name (or go through the new profile set up if you selected the +)
Go to manage channels (or select Create List if you just created a profile)
Select each channel you want by pressing OK (you should get a heart symbol next to the channel)
Once you have at least 3 channels, pressing the back button (the bottom left symbol under the OK circle on the remote) will save them.
You can view your favourites by pressing the profile button on the side of the remote and selecting your profile.
If you want your favourites to be there by default all the time then go to Settings (the cog at the end when you press the home key), then Profiles and Default Profile on Start Up and select your profile. That way, when you use the box only your favourites will show in the channel list and guide.


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Re: Virgin 360 - helpful hints

This is a really good collection of content gathered from forum posts (and elsewhere). Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

One question I have is around the live TV buffer on the 360. If you are watching a TV channel, then start watching a recorded programme, does the 360 continue to keep the live broadcast buffered so you can rewind if you want to after you have finished watching your recording? I tried to do this last night, and I'm sure when I went back to live TV there was no buffer, and I couldn't rewind.

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Re: Virgin 360 - helpful hints

Love the fast forward voice command, it is brilliant for skipping adverts. I'm trying to get a crib sheet together for advert intervals times between different channels. Some channels have 5 mins of adverts, some 4 mins and others 4min and 30 seconds.

Sad I know. 😆 

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Re: Virgin 360 - helpful hints

Sounds like a great idea Andy766702, we do have these tips here for the TV360 service also 🙂



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