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Virgin 360 box won’t come on

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Upgraded v6 box last week to virgin 360. Tried to switch it on this evening and just keep getting red light. Have tried rebooting, switching on and off etc nothing. Help!


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Thanks for the reply. I have tried switching the box on by pressing the button - it’s not doing anything at all just stays red. 

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If you are just using the remote to turn on the 360 is the light on the front of the box flashing when you press the power button.

If the light doesn't flash have you tried pressing the switch on the front of the box, the red light is also a switch. If you have the TVGO app you could try using that to prove if it's a faulty remote.



Thanks for the reply. I have tried switching the box on by pressing the button - it’s not doing anything at all just stays red. 

Have been on the virgin tv go app- it won’t recognise the box so it’s not the remote. It must be a fault with the box. 

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Hi, I posted yesterday as v6 box which was upgraded to 360 would not come on yesterday. It finally came on at 9pm after 4 hours of trying to fix it- just came on suddenly. Today - same thing! Just a red light on the box and will not come on after rebooting everything. Getting really fed up now. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hello Lakeslady, thank you for your posts and replies on our help forum and this thread.

We are sorry to hear of the issues faced with your new 360 service and TV box not switching on after all you've tried.
We'd be eager to assist with this error, could you please advise if you get any error message or code displayed once you turn on the TV box and after it goes through the starting process?

Also, as you mentioned this was a V6 box upgraded to TV 360 could you let us know if the software migration has completed successfully before this issue came up?
Please, let us know more and we're happy to help.

Forum Team

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Thanks for your response. Still not working. The software had been working for a week before the box stopped working. I have been in touch with virgin media and they are sending a technician out next Saturday.

Thanks for the update Lakeslady, 

Apologies for the problems faced, let us know how the appointment goes!

Take care,


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Please help! My TiVo box stopped working on Nov 16th. Spoke to VM said would send engineer on 26th. Engineer said would send new box- due on 22nd. After many phone calls  and a 40 mile wasted round trip to collect from yodel depot (it was not there and they didn’t know where it was) I still do not have a new box. 

Spoke to Vm on Wednesday and was told new box would be sent out. Today was told this is not possible as the other box is “in transit’. They insisted it would arrive this evening- it hasn’t. We have had no service now for nearly 3 weeks and both yodel and VM have lied to me. This is not right! Can someone please get in touch and help me? This is taking hours of my time not to mention the cost- vm have taken £121 from my account this month and I have received next to nothing in return.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Lakeslady wrote:

Please help! My TiVo box stopped working on Nov 16th.

Your posts have been merged to keep them all together in the same place, I'd recommend using the "reply" function to continue this instead of starting new posts.

In all the comments in this thread so far you've referred to V6 boxes being converted to TV360. The older TiVo's can't be converted and would have been hardware-swapped to TV360 mini-boxes which don't have onboard storage.

What combination of V6 & TiVo did you have, before asking to convert? There's photos of the boxes here if you're not sure.

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